Monday, October 10, 2011

Techfest National Open Quiz

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Here is something that might be of interest to you...

Techfest National Open Quiz, IIT Bombay

Techfest 2011-12 shall host the largest inter-institutional quiz in India, The “Techfest National Open Quiz 2011-12”. With a prize money of INR 1,00,000 for the grand finale and much more interesting prizes this quiz aims to bring together the best quizzers from across the nation. The quiz will be held at Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Guwahati, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai and the winners of all the cities will finally clash during Techfest 2011-12 to claim the title of the Techfest National Open Quiz Champions.

Quizmaster: Rohit Nair

Note about quizmaster: Rohit Nair, the young and popular Quizmaster, has hosted numerous quiz shows including multi city quiz events for Mahindra, Government of Karnataka, IBM among others. His distinctive style, humour and passion make his quiz shows memorable. Co-founder of Quizworks, he heads the Content Architecture, New Service Design and Online Initiatives there. Much admired by the youth, he is also a national winner of the Young Leader contest hosted by Career Launcher. His brain child is the most visited quiz blog in India.

Flavour: General

Format: Written prelims; Stage Finals with 6 teams. Winners to be invited to Techfest, IIT Bombay in January for the Grand Finale. Two members per team compulsary; No cross institutional teams strictly; Registrations on also on the spot registrations; No entry fees

Pune: 11 am, 15th October,College of Engineering, Pune
Ahmedabad: 3 pm, 18th October, IIM Ahmedabad
Delhi: 1 pm, 22nd October, St Stephens, Delhi
Guwahati: 11 am, 30th October, KBR Hall, Cotton College.
Chennai: 2pm, 1st November, Dr MGR University
Hyderabad: 3 pm, 3rd November, ISB Hyderabad
Mumbai: 2pm, 6th November, IIT Mumbai.


Phone: Rohan (98901 06884) Email: rohan.k[at]
Arindam (97695 85892) Email: arindam[at]

Award and Certificate policy

The finals in Techfest during January shall carry prize money of INR 1,00,000

The winner of each city shall be provided both sides travel to come to Mumbai for the finals 6th-8th January for the finals.

City rounds in shall have prizes worth INR 10,000.

The grand finalist, semifinalists and all final round qualifiers of the city rounds shall be awarded certificates of excellence.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Quiz S02Q16

Welcome back...
I received a few mails from students reminding me of another quiz( now that they are done with their board exams).So realising that we are still in business :P  here is a quiz about news,views,entertainment and ofcourse controversies.
Please send in your answers latest by 7th August 2010 to
Winner gets free publicity and a surprise gift.
In case of any clarification regarding questions,plz visit the comment box.
All the best!

1.Identify the two pictures and connect them.

2.Identify the two movies from their posters and connect them. 


3.A must try for the taste buds..Identify what it is and its speciality.

4.Identify this actress from the yesteryears cinema.


5.Identify this ad from a popular eatery brand and its fame to controversy.

6.And the number game just begun...Identify the two very popular images shown below and name what"s the hype  all about the 2  these days...

7.Identify the brand to which the following ad belongs.

8.We saw it all,we heard it all...Now it"s time to name these two showstoppers .(*a sitter !)


9.Identify the three and establish the concept that connects them.


10.Identify the airlines and the significance of its logo.(again a sitter*).